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How to dox someone by IP [ISP=Comcast]

Friday 29 November 2013

1. Call comcast
2. Hello my name is (What ever name you want) and my employee id is (What ever you want e.g 809*jly) and i am from customer care and my floor is down because of maintenance and my level 2 told me to contact you guys to look up an account for me and verify some information?
3. (If you want to use the comcast ip address make sure you ask them to tell them to use the GrandSlam system to lookup from the ip address because that is the only system that can lookup accounts from the ip address if you have something else like the phone #, account #, name, address etc use ascr, csg, comtrac but if you dont ask them they will use ascr/csg by default) So provide them what ever information you have.
4. Ask them if they have the account pulled up yet. If yes, say can you verify the name and so on.
5. Once you have the information you say "thank you for your cooperation have a nice shift".
Here is a format to lay the information out:
Name on file:
DOB on file:
SSN on file:
Phone on file:
Address on file:
Comcast Account #:
Primary Comcast Email:

Once you have that information and you want to jack the main account go to Here then fill out the information and in the description put "Can you reset my password?" then you will go into a chat with a live agent and you can figure out the rest from there.

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